NEW Summer NIGHT Event:

SATURDAY, July 29, 2017

Silver Dollar Raceway, Reynolds GA

Racing Starts at 6PM


Fall Event:

SUNDAY, November 19, 2017

Silver Dollar Raceway, Reynolds GA


2017 Announcements:

-11.5 Index Class Added

-Gate Fee: $15.00

-Tech Card: $20.00 ($15 if Racer is Pre-Registered)


Competition Classes

Win cash and prizes!!



Modified Street(MS)

All Motor Comp(AMC)


All Motor(AM)

Street Tuner(ST)

11.5 Index(IX)



Test and Tune Information

At least half of the Import Showdown is focused around Test and Tune/Open Run passes.  This gives everyone, regardless of make, model, or setup to run.  It also offers an opportunity to those who are not as interested in competitions to be a part of the event.  The largest block of time set aside for open runs is at the beginning of the day, we so recommend arriving early if you would like to get the most out of the open run period.

Those who have attended test and tune days at track such as Commerce will truly enjoy our much shorter staging lanes.  You will most certain get more runs in during the Import Showdown than the average test and tune day at many drag strips.  Since we average nearly 8.5 passes per racer at our event, with hot lappers realistically being able to get 20+ runs in, you can see one advantage of the Import Showdown.

The Test and Tune/Open Run sessions have no rules on vehicle or setup.  You can run any tire, fuel, number of power adders in anything, imports, domestics, bikes.  The only requirement is that they meet the track's safety requirements.

Want to setup custom races for your club or group? No problem! We will have an organizer in the staging lanes ready to help you get paired up the way you want to. Have a larger group? That's not a problem either! Simply contact us using the email link below and we can customize a setup just for you, including seperate staging lanes!

If you have any questions regarding the open run period, please feel free to contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it